What Is Contemporary Glamour Photography?



Contemporary glamour photography is gaining popularity! It’s providing women with a reason to get dressed up and have fun during a portrait session. Usually when I say I photograph glamour portraits people think of the 80s that went out of style. Thankfully, Contemporary Glamour photography is fun, beautiful and has a timeless look that will never go out of fashion. This photoshoot is meant to give every woman a Vogue experience. Where you looks and feel like a model straight from New York City.

These sessions give the every day women the opportunity to play dress up and get pampered. You can wear a fancy ball gown, a sexy cocktail dress, or even leather pants and a jacket. Whatever feels like you! This style of portraiture will have you feeling great about yourself. Ultimately, that is what any photographer really wants.

Contemporary Glamour Photography focuses on bringing a woman’s inside beauty and bringing it out into the universe. Watching my clients come alive in front of my camera makes me so happy. It doesn’t take long for the nerves to disappear and the fun to begin. We start off with hair and makeup to ensure each woman is looking and feeling her best. While hair and makeup is getting done we take a look at her outfits and my in-studio wardrobe to design her 4-5 different looks. Then she is treated to an amazing photo shoot where we will create different set-ups. Plus, she doesn’t have to worry about how to pose, because I spend a lot of time learning how to pose every woman to flattery her body type!

Now that you know more about this type of session, does it sound like something you would treat yourself to? At Torianna Brooke Portraiture, we give our clients an experience. We want the experience to be something that each person tells to all their friends and family. If you have ever thought about what it might be like to have your very own portrait session in our Springfield, Ga studio, we would love to help you make this fantasy a reality!

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