January 6, 2023

8 New Year’s Resolutions For Couples

Okay, first of all, Happy New Year!! I wish you all a prosperous and joyful 2023! As far as New Year’s Resolutions, I know a lot of people disagree with the concept. I believe that creating goals for the new year is healthy but I also believe you can do this any time of the year. So whether you are reading this in January or reading it in August, I hope this gives you some ideas to help your relationship grow stronger. 

1.Stress Less

Okay I know this sounds ridiculous so let me explain. Stress is normal, right? Everybody has stress and handles it differently. My point here is to help you have less stress by managing what you are stressing about. Here’s something I have learned that helps me. If it won’t matter in 5 years, Don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset about it. 

Chores seem to be a big topic amongst couples. Maybe you’ve had a hard week and the dishes need to be done, laundry needs folding, and the living room is a mess. It’s okay, if you need a break then take a break. You can always get to it later, in 5 years this one day when the house is a mess won’t matter. You won’t even remember it. 

2. Get Active

This is a very typical New Year’s Resolution but getting active does not have to be the gym! I love the idea of going to the gym but I’m not a gym girly. My fiance is a gym fanatic though, in general, he likes to be active. So you can always find common ground. Maybe y’all go on a jog a few times a week or maybe you enjoy playing tennis. Being active together can be a bonding activity and it’s proven that happy brain chemicals are released while exercising. So why not combine the two?

3. Make Time For Each Other

We all know life can get in the way. Sometimes we just get so tangled up in the hustle and bustle that we forget to take time for the ones we love. Take a moment to sit down with your partner and see when you can have a designated time for each other. This could be 1 date night a week, 2 date nights a month, or just taking time at the end of the day to talk to each other. Sitting down for 30 minutes before bed and asking about each other’s day can show the other you are still thinking of them. These things do not have to be expensive either. You can switch between date nights out or date nights in. Maybe you enjoy a brunch date or breakfast in bed on Sundays rather than date night. Whatever you two enjoy is what works best. 

4. Listen 

A lot of us say we listen to our partner but are we really? If you are multi-tasking, on your phone, or always talking over them then that can make the other feel unheard. Take time to listen to your partner and think about what they are saying. Listening and not trying to guess what they will say next or what you need to say will bring you closer. Communication is key in a relationship!

5. Try Something New

I’m sure we have all heard of the HoneyMoon Phase and the idea of it can scare some people. The Honeymoon Phase is the new relationship butterflies. After a little while the new wears off, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. It just means that you are comfortable and used to the person. Have no worries though, you can bring back that new relationship feeling by rediscovering each other. I recommend doing this by purchasing a couple’s card game or trying a new date activity. This can even be done by talking about when you first met or important memories in your life. 

6. Let Go of Grudges

Okay, this may be directed toward me haha! I will admit, I’m not the best at letting go of grudges but by not doing this you can hurt your relationship. Everybody makes mistakes, those small things aren’t worth the arguments! Talk to your partner about how you can move on from whatever is holding you back. Sometimes all that needs to be done is a final chat. 

7. Find Mutual Friends 

I love the idea of having mutual friends. This gives you a great opportunity to go on double dates and watch your kids grow up if you are interested in that! Also, having a strong support system is great when things get tough. Maybe your partner can introduce you to his friends’ girlfriend or vice versa. 

8. Plan A Vacation

Back to the work topic, most people don’t take time for a vacation. Work grabs hold and boom, the year is gone. All you did was work. No time is taken for yourself, your partner, or just to relax. Sit down together and plan a vacation. This could be somewhere close like Charleston, SC, or maybe somewhere more adventurous like Venice, Italy. It could be for a weekend or 1 week. This is a great time to unplug and explore new things with each other. 


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