May 10, 2024

Editorial and Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Have you ever heard of Editorial and Photojournalistic Wedding Photography? Maybe you’ve heard of one or the other but not them combined. Today I wanted to share more information on these photography styles separately & then explain how they can both be used during the wedding day.

Editorial Wedding Photography

In Editorial Wedding Photography, the photographer directs the couple and makes sure everything looks picture-perfect. It’s like a fashion photoshoot, with carefully posed shots and attention to detail.

  • Posed and dramatic
  • More focus on the couple
  • Can be used to and showcase the fashion aspects of your wedding

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography is more candid and raw. The photographer captures moments as they happen, without interfering or directing. It’s all about capturing the true emotions and atmosphere of the day.

  • No posing or direction by your photographer
  • Behind-The-Scenes feel from your photographer
  • All candid moments that show true emotion & memories from your day

Some photographers, like me, combine both styles to create a unique and organic look. They might take posed shots for the album but also capture spontaneous moments that tell the story of the day. Doing this allows your wedding gallery to be so dynamic without having too much of one style. I feel like too much of either style can be repetitive, especially when photographing for 8+ hours!

I love blending editorial and photojournalistic style, especially when it comes to shooting weddings. Editorial and Photojournalistic Photography captures those candid moments that tell a story, while also nailing those perfectly posed shots. The editorial images infuse a touch of fashion into the gallery. By incorporating elements of editorial photography, I’m able to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your wedding photos, while still keeping things organic and true to the moment. When I mix in that photojournalistic vibe, I’m able to really capture the emotional moments of the day in a way that feels authentic and unposed. Using these styles creates some truly dynamic storytelling in my images. It’s such a cool way to capture the essence of a wedding day – blending those candid, raw moments with beautifully posed shots that have a real fashion-forward feel to them.

I love being able to tell a couple’s love story this way, in a way that feels fresh and modern. It’s all about creating a visual narrative that is as unique. And let me tell you, it’s been such a rewarding experience seeing how these images come together to create a truly captivating wedding album. I can’t wait to keep pushing the boundaries and exploring new ways to blend these different styles in my work. Cheers to capturing those beautiful moments that truly last a lifetime! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will capture your love story in a editorial and documentary way, contact me! I’d be honored to be a part of your special day!


Torianna Brooke

Hi, Welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding photographer in Georgia & South Carolina providing my clients with photojournalistic meets editorial images. Serving clients who find trust in the process of my photographs as well as brides who are joyful and sophisticated. 

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