How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In Charleston South Carolina

September 7, 2023

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

Hi Friends, Today I want to chat about How To Choose A Wedding Photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer has always been a significant decision, but now that I am in the midst of this beautiful chaos myself, the weight of that choice feels even heavier. As a professional photographer of 6 years, I’m well aware of the immense responsibility that comes with capturing someone’s special day. The stress and worry of finding the perfect photographer for my own wedding has brought me even closer to understanding fellow brides. So I’m going to give you 6 things to consider when making your big decision!

Tip 1: Portfolio and Style

Every photographer has a unique style, just as every couple has their own love story. Take a close look at the photographer’s portfolio to get a sense of their style. Are they skilled in capturing candid moments, or do they focus more on posed shots? Do their photographs evoke emotions and tell a story? Consider whether their style aligns with your preferences and the atmosphere you want for your wedding. Photographers also have different editing styles which you also will have a preference for. I say there are 3 categories of photography style. There’s Light & Airy, True-To-Color/Film, and Dark & Moody. Each photographer will have their own twist to this but these are the main categories.

When looking at your saved wedding inspiration ask yourself What images am I drawn to the most? What images do I think are absolutely beautiful? Note – if enjoy a timeless look then I recommend a True-To-Color/Film look. It doesn’t change your wedding colors or the way the day looks.

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In Charleston South Carolina

2. Their Wedding Client Experience

Your wedding photographer’s experience is so important in helping you be less stressed. When I say experience I mean the way they handle business and interact with you. Do they ignore your questions or happy to help? Do they ignore your concerns or help you feel secure? Are they taking a week to respond or are they on top of it? Will they supply you with proper guidance? Think about on the day of your actual wedding, how will they show up? Will they show up prepared or a hot mess? Are they rude or excited to be there? Will they check in on you and make sure you’re feeling okay?

These are all great questions to ask yourself while communicating with your potential photographer. Overall you want to find a photographer that you can trust, help you feel fully prepared, have a positive vibe, & come fully ready on your wedding day!

3. Personal Connection

Your wedding photographer will be with you throughout your special day, so it’s important to click with them. Talking with your photographer on the phone is a great way to determine if you feel comfortable around them. Especially if you are unsure via email. You want someone who understands your vision and can capture your love story. Can you laugh together, are they more serious like you, do they treat you kindly, etc.? You will know if you feel comfortable with them, just trust your gut.

4. Experience is Key

When it comes to wedding photography, experience matters. Look for a photographer who has been in the wedding business for at least 4 years or more. They will have the knowledge and skills to handle any situation that may arise on your big day. You want someone who has seen it all and can adapt to any lighting condition or location. A wedding day can be full of changes and fast-paced moments and a family photographer or a hobbyist will not be fully prepared. Getting used to the fast-moving environment, having an eye for detail, and picking up on social cues takes a lot of practice. Please make sure your photographer is accustomed to photographing a wedding. You may end up regretting it later.

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In Savannah Georgia

5. Collections and Investment

Wedding photography can be a significant investment, especially if it’s a top priority. So it’s crucial to understand the photographer’s pricing structure and collections. Make sure to ask what is included in each package, such as engagement sessions, albums, prints, or additional hours of coverage if it isn’t clear. If you have a tight budget make sure you communicate that with them.

6. Trust Your Gut

In the end, trust your instincts when you choose a wedding photographer. Your gut feeling is often a reliable indicator of whether someone is the right fit for you. If something feels off or you’re not completely convinced, it’s okay to keep searching until you find the perfect match.

Remember, your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the photographs will be cherished for years to come. By considering these tips, you can alleviate some of the stress and worry that may come with choosing a wedding photographer. Just remember to trust in your judgment and find someone who not only captures beautiful images but also understands the significance of your special day.

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer | A Personal Note From Me

I have long chosen my photographer for my wedding but wanted to share my experience. I had the hardest time choosing the perfect photographer. I’ll be honest, I was letting the budget get in the way. I ended up having a call with a photographer who gave me a custom quote & we just clicked. I loved the way she described her shooting style & her images were beautiful. One thing that concerned me was the budget, she was a little over what I put in place for us to spend. But photography was at the top of my list!

I was so nervous about hiring a photographer I wasn’t 100% about and then receiving my gallery to be disappointed. So, guess what I did? I raised my budget for photography. I ended up lowering it for some other things low on my priority list and it worked out perfectly. Now, it wasn’t a major difference but enough to help me feel confident in my choice. I realized I could always make the money back, but I could never get my wedding day back. Don’t you want to remember that perfect day in the most beautiful way you’ve ever seen?! Don’t settle. When you choose a wedding photographer find a way to get the perfect one.

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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In Atlanta Georgia


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