January 20, 2023

6 Charleston Wedding Details Not To Forget

A wedding planning tip I find extremely helpful are lists, tons and tons of list. Planning a Charleston Wedding can be a little tricky, especially if you aren’t local. I have a few tips to write down on your list of things not to forget about when planning your dream charleston wedding!


1.Chaotic Weather

Really, South Georgia and South Carolina are known for their hurricanes, humidity, random rain, and heat. You want to make sure you have a plan for all of these types of situations. If you aren’t a summer gal then I suggest you get married in the non-peak season otherwise you’ll be sweating like a horse. If you’re getting married in the late summer-early fall make sure you have a backup plan for a hurricane or a backup date. Charleston is a beautiful city but it floods very easily! Finally, make sure your hair artist sets your hair properly, the humidity here is crazy!

2. The Marriage License

Every state has different rules for marriage licenses so make sure to read up on this. Make a checklist of everything stated you will need to bring to the courthouse. This also may vary by county so do that research! Then, of course, don’t forget to actually go and get your paperwork before the big day. You can find Charleston’s information here.

3. Include Yourself In Your Guest Count

You don’t want to sit down at your wedding reception and realize there’s not enough seating or food for everyone! Lots of couples forget to add themselves to their guest count because they don’t see themselves as a guest. But this is used for several things at your wedding so don’t forget!

4. Your Vows

This may be more for your man rather than you but remember to take time to write your vows! Next thing you know you’ll be rushed the morning of trying to write something, this will just cause you unwanted stress. Carve out time one day to have a vow-writing date with your fiance. You can be in separate rooms if you’d like so no one is peaking but it will make sure they get done and can be a bonding moment for you two.


5. Emergency Kit

Okay, please tell me I’m not the only one that created school emergency kits! This is the time to bring that talent back. You can honestly put whatever you feel like you may need for the day but here’s a list of ideas:

Mini Sewing Kit, Lipstick, Back-up Earrings Backs, Bobby & Safety Pins, Deodorant, Baby Wipes, Tampons/Pads, Fashion Tape, Makeup Remover, Lint Roller, Q-Tips, Mini Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste, Siccors, Mints, Lip Balm, Lotion, Pain Reliever/Tummy Meds, Floss, Oil Blotting Sheets, Static Guard, and a printed copy of your wedding day timeline.

6. Vendor Meals

Please make sure you ask for vendor meals to be provided. Your vendors are working so hard to make your day beautiful and we don’t want them to pass out! Especially if your wedding is during the Spring or Summer. We will greatly appreciate it!

If you’re looking for more wedding planning tips, feel free to read my post about wedding florals here!


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