June 24, 2022

Benefits Of Having A First Look

Benefits Of Having A First Look

That Oh-So-Sweet First Look moment, the first time you see each other on your big day!

That first sight of each other on your wedding day is something special. It brings so many emotions and memories to the day. Whether you choose to see each other for the first time at the altar or a first look it will be such an emotional and intimate moment between you two. Honestly, it is one of my favorite moments of your wedding day! I have to hold back my tears so I can see what I am doing! Some couples choose to skip on a first look as it is seen as “non-traditional,” and I am okay with photographing your day either way! I don’t require you to have a first look but I do want to talk about the benefits of having one. So if you are interested keep on reading!

A First Look Allows More Portrait Time

Having a first look gives you more time to be able to get romantic and perfectly curated images of you two! This gives you more images and more time to get the shots you are dreaming of and a little more variety than just during Golden Hour. It makes y’all feel less stressed and relaxed. You can truly embrace each other and this time together. Not to mention I can keep y’all away from the reception less and that means you have more time to celebrate with your loved ones! After the first look, we can also go straight into bridal party photos so it’s more fun and everyone can celebrate during reception hours.

The Extra Time You Can Spend Together

A first look lets you spend more time together rather than spending a lot of the apart. This is your wedding day and you want to spend it together rather than looking at walls! This gives y’all a couple more hours together before the ceremony and you can really take in the day. Take moments to hold each other, breathe, look into each other’s eyes, laugh, and have images of these special moments. With all that being said, my clients love to see these images later on in their beautiful heirloom Glass Box With Prints or/and Luxury Wedding Albums. Side Note – I’m tearing up just thinking about this! Y’all I’m an emotional girl, don’t judge me!

The Reactions You Will Receive

I’ve noticed at weddings that some Grooms tend to try to hide their emotions at the altar. This is probably because of all the people watching! But during the first look, all the emotions are let loose! Y’all are in a private and intimate area, it’s just you two, and all he sees is you! All his attention is on you and the anticipation has been built up all morning to see you! During this time he is able to give you all his love and affection and during the ceremony, he has to wait to kiss you.

So during this time, y’all are able to celebrate and embrace each other right then and there. When your emotions are high and no one is watching (besides me of course). Please don’t let this make you think walking down the aisle won’t get a great reaction though! There is nothing like you stepping out and walking to your soon-to-be husband! That is a special moment in and of itself girl!

The First Look Is Only Time You’re Alone

Think about your wedding day and every event you will be doing. You have hair and makeup, photos, cocktail hour, dances, dinner, etc. All of these events will be with people, and some of the day your fiancé won’t be there. Of course, you will have a great time together throughout the day and create beautiful and unforgettable memories. However, the day will go by so fast that you want to be able to remember a time when you two just held each other and let the day sink in. This is your moment!

During the day you won’t most likely be lovey-dovey and in a romantic mood because all your family is around. During this time you can be all on each other and as sweet as you want to be. You won’t have to worry about guests hollering at you and killing the mood or trying to get a photo with you. This is a precious time and when the day is over you will be so glad you took this time to be together.

The Nerves Are Diminished

I don’t believe most couples think of this when deciding on a first look. Nerves are high on a wedding day, thinking about if everything is running smoothly, everything is checked off the to-do list, and of course, marrying your person! On top of that, some couples are nervous about photos, so seeing each other, the person you trust, in the middle of the day and before the big “I Do” helps release that stress.

More Time To Celebrate With Your Loved Ones

I touched on this earlier, but being able to take Bride & Groom Portraits and Bridal Party Portraits ultimately gives you more time to celebrate with your guests. Typically, if there isn’t a first look, we do those images during cocktail hour and sometimes during the reception. Usually, you are gone the entire cocktail hour and some during dancing at the reception. I do usually steal you away during Golden Hour to get beautiful sunset images during Reception. However, if there has been a first look we spend less time here as we already have tons of beautiful portraits. Plus, I want you to get back to your guests and spend time with people who you may not see often.

Let’s Us Work With The Light

Lastly, having a first look is sometimes necessary depending on where and what month you are getting married. Daylight Savings Time can be tricky! Standard time is typically November-March and this causes it to get dark earlier. So the possibility of having portraits done during cocktail hour is very slim, especially for other events (like being announced into the reception) you might want to be during daylight. So having that time before the ceremony allows us to get beautiful light and we aren’t rushing to get everything in before Golden Hour. Plus those sunset couple portraits you don’t want to miss! The last thing I want you to feel on your wedding day is tense and rushed.

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