June 16, 2023

How To Elope Without Upsetting Family

How To Elope Without Upsetting Family

If you’re here you probably want to elope, right? If you’re close with family then the question of “How do I elope without making my family upset” may occur. This is one of the setbacks for couples when it comes to deciding between eloping or having a traditional wedding! I’ve listed a few eloping etiquette tips. This way you can follow your dreams and also explain to your family why you are choosing to elope.

Elopement in Historic Downtown Savannah in the Squares two couples holding hands Elope to Savannah

Explain “Why” You Want To Elope

What is one of the first thoughts in a family’s mind? That you don’t care enough about them to have them at your wedding. Sadly, this is a very big misconception. If it’s not addressed first hand then it can definitely cause hurt feelings. So explain to your family that it has nothing to do with them. Maybe a big wedding doesn’t feel like you or you don’t like the idea of having all that attention. So just sit down and be honest with them. Most likely they will understand and be on board with your decision to elope.

Elopement in Tennessee with a waterfall view a couple standing together in front of the waterfall Elope to a national park

Involve Your Family In Planning

Families tend to like the feeling of helping when it comes to weddings or any big event. A great way to help them feel at ease is to let them help you plan your elopement. This is a great way to make your family feel helpful and more excited for you. They are invested in your big day. So getting them to help make decisions will help them know that they are still a part of it. Even if you choose not to invite them.

Some examples of tasks to allow your family to help with it finding a location, going to dress or suit fittings, finding a restaurant to eat at afterward, etc. This lets your family know that you have no intention of shutting them out. Trust me, this will help!

Beaufort South Carolina Elopement near Charleston South Carolina chic and timeless destination vow exchange with a waterfront view

Tell Them Your Day Will Be Documented

It’s a major concern among family members, especially parents, that they won’t be able to attend your wedding. A great way to ease them is that you will have amazing photographs from the day that you will be able to share with them! This way they can relive the day with you and still be able to see the beautiful location you chose and the emotion from the day. A videographer is also a great idea if you want another level of documentation.

Elope to Charleston South Carolina groom wiping tears away at vow exchange

Have A Reception With Family & Friends

A great idea for still having a private ceremony but still wanting to celebrate with family is to host a reception afterward with your family and closest friends. This can be at a restaurant or even at your family home. This is really a great mix and a lot of couples choose to go this route. It’s great to help them still feel a part of your day while you have your private ceremony. You can have your dream intimate elopement while avoiding offending your family.

Elope with 10 family members or less intimate backyard dinner in Beaufort South Carolina during Sunset

Bring Your Family With You To Elope

Unlike the meaning of elopement in the ’50s, eloping doesn’t necessarily mean you are running away together. So of course you can invite your closest family members and/or friends! So if you want your important people there, then do it. Photographers typically define an elopement as 10 or fewer guests

Please don’t let anyone pressure you into inviting them if you don’t want them there! This is your day and it should be the way you envision it. Only invite people if you truly want them there. Not because you feel pressured to have them attend!

Elope to Asheville North Caroline elopement in blue ridge mountains with a Mountain View

The Real Deal

There can be a lot of pressure to do things in a certain way when it comes to getting married. Society has created a narrative that weddings must be extravagant, with a guest list a mile long, and catered to please everyone except the bride and groom. However, at the core of this special day, what truly matters is the bond between two people and the love they share.

As a photographer who specializes in capturing intimate elopements, I have had the pleasure of seeing couples embrace the true essence of their relationship and celebrate it on their own terms. Whether it’s a small ceremony surrounded by only close family and friends, or a romantic getaway to a beautiful destination, one thing is certain- these couples value the experience above all else.

Your wedding should be authentic and true. Every elopement is a unique reflection of the couple’s dynamic so they are able to tell their story in a way that will be treasured for a lifetime. So, when it comes to your special day, don’t let anyone else dictate the way it should be – it’s all about the celebration that reflects your love for one another.

When you are ready to capture those cherished moments, let me understand the goal of your day, taking a timeless, quiet approach, and creating an unforgettable photography experience, capturing it all for you to cherish forever.

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